Water boarding, Us vs Them

I have been very confused by this ice bucket challenge, particularly while #Ferguson is going on. But today someone posted one I liked.

i have to ask if the pattern of the beheading Foley by an extreme and rabbid/corrupt group reflects same pattern of the pro-violent outsiders in Ferguson — that we so easily underestimate the suffering we have inflicted on the world as a nation (water boarding, hypocrisy filled with torturing others). None of this ever warrants hurting or killing another being, but I have to ask if we understand this tit for tat, and what our tats have been as a country?

the fractal mirrors itself as well in the white privilege in our culture as ferguson situation has highlighted, regardless of the details of Michael Brown we live very much in a racist society and life quality and expectancy can be determined much by the color of one’s skin.

And so we live in a time right now of reconciliation of owning the poop. some of it is gruesome. but it’s coming out into the light whether we want to or not, and it’s opportunity for healing for all of us even as we suffer in reactions ricocheting thru the planet and the virtual world of twitter and fb. it’s the same pattern over and over again with different names and different hats.

If you are questioning how we are as a racist nation, check out Dr. West. He is publicly very gifted with the ability to love the people (white or not, wealthy or not) while speaking truth. He is one of my heroes of this century, and privately he may be a nincompoop, but i definitely say his public face is ROCKING! his words and heart bring positive understanding and change to a better society. Go Dr. Cornel West

God wants us to stand up for what is right… you might call it a holy call within each of our bones.




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