Walking with God

Many folks on the street walk closer to God imo, not that it’s easy. My Will is very much about the same thing — he is extremely friendly and brightens folks days at our local Copps shop–he goes “How’s the day?” in a big booming voice and their faces all lighten up visibly. I am not kidding, and many have several jobs as the pay is so low just to make ends meet. It’s beautiful to see the effect.

It’s sounds trivial in conventional context but in reality it’s way above CEO job generating money. Kindness is a radical act and people need it so much. I love Will for how he helps people. Many folks on the street he helped in the same way when he was living there.

It’s part of why I fell in love with him and I’m still smitten I guess.  But back to your video, yes, truth. Helping change the kaleidoscope for folks in the system to see a bit outside it. Yay.
p.s. i’m not sure the panhandling thing but the video made it apparent to me part of the psychological trip on being asked is either having to lie or to seem mean bec we have such bad boundaries in our culture.

personally i have given out money 2 to 3 times in my life… after lying a bunch, i made it a clear policy to say i don’t give out money so people knew that wasn’t my trip, and that chatting and catching up sure — but that money was a contaminant in many ways. and so it is too with “charity” work i believe. it creates disconnection, a temporary answer where no short term answers really work.


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