Waking up

Why should you be concerned?


ALEC sets sights on local gov’t ->

Former Israeli Solider talks about Gaza being a lab for making money/weapons for the globe and how US police are coming into Israel to get trained (this includes police in Ferguson.)

“this [Israeli’s military in Palestine] is not an occupation, it is a laboratory. sometimes as a solider i would infuse poison to paliestinains. sometimes as a protestors i would run away with palestinians… but all thistime we trying out weapons and selling them out… it’s not a religion, it’s not the land, there is a lot a lot a lot of money… i have been researching the relationship between our army and your army, our gov’t and your gov’t and how the money flows between the two…. 2.5 months ago we were travelling in Maryland highway stuck, and we did something we like to do, we called the police and they came very fast and efficient, and took us out. and i got a ride along. for ten minutes we are driving silently. then the officer says “so where are you from’ ‘I am from Pal- … Israel’… ‘You guys are bad asses you know how to calm down those that oppose you… we just came back from there the police.’… before i leave the car i find out he has a photo of himself with my dad in israel, and i call my dad who says “don’t be naive. we have an office in [somewhere in us] and they have one here. we are here to protect them…. you should know what is going on in palestinian is a humanitarian crisis. we all want to be in the right place at the right time when is history is knocking on your door. and history is knocking right now really loud…. When we are taking care of our communities, the police is working globallly to oppress us. We need to start working globally to resist them”

Ferguson trained by Israeli military


NDAA defines protestor as terrorist & responsible for Pentagon giving military vehicles to local communities in United States.


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