Update: Web Site Hacked

I neglected updating this site, so it’s kind of a good thing this happened. Here’s my intent for topics:

  1. Resources for Madison Homelessness will continue to be listed. And hopefully kept more current and in a better structure. I have been talking about homelessness online & posting resources since 2010. During that winter winter someone began sleeping in my garage. I didn’t know what to do, and I had a hard time finding info on what resources were available. I have a master’s degree in library information and a fancy shmancy liberal arts degree. And for that matter a house with a fast computer hooked up to the internet. And even with all that, I was having a hard time finding resources and what was really going on. I figured if I was having a hard time, so must a lot of other people. Since 2010, a number of fantastic grassroot organizations have really stepped in to make a significant difference. And maybe the most critical is a community of people, housed or not, who know each other and talk to each other about how their day is going.
  2. Index of local news articles on homelessness & poverty. Madison is my community. And I think all of us who live there have a responsiblity to what communicate we are creating. And I recognize that local government is not very accessible. Actually any government. Most of us who are employed are too busy with work & managing a family to be able to track and understand what’s going on. The more who work on this the better.
  3. Blog with commentary & interviews as time comes up. Being heavily involved in Occupy Madison until summer of 2013, I am a strong advocate for the common person and how do we relate to each other and how we form community.
  4. Online shop with various art, photography & found items. This is kind of a nonsequitor in many ways but this is my personal site, and for me community is like trees– we are all interconnected and this is website is my personal tree so to speak with several branches of what I am engaged in and what I find important. I believe in community. I believe in local art and local engagement. I am anti-corporate. I believe wholeheartedly in integrity, truth & compassion rolled up together. I do design too, which you can see more about at my freelance site. 



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