Shills & Obama

A friend posted a beautiful photo by Leslie Amsterdam of 100+ demonstrators at the Federal Court Building last night in Madison. It was to ask Obama to say no to the Keystone Pipeline. In that discussion I said that Obama is a shill.Fish in a bowl.

And he is. An empty shell of a man. He may very well be a victim of a deliberate & conniving system that has a much stronger foothold on the American “reality” than we can imagine — manipulating and controlling the public, all to serve a few living in the shadows of the shadows. it’s all fake, a sick truman show. The bad guys play both sides of the street w/no qualms and the faces we see are all fronts, props. Obama is an actor, it is good to be mindful of this, and not the real enemy. Only perhaps a window into what we are up against, an opening if we observe carefully enough.

What is profoundly clever in Obama’s pr, rather than say GW Bush, is it pulled the energy of the liberals in, an investment of heart and soul something very hard to walk away from. The video “Yes We Can”, inspiring so many. That now that cognitive dissonance between those words and his actions makes it so much harder for people to see clearly, that it almost forces a person to betray themselves and their values by going along with the lie, participating in it betraying the truth. When Obama ran on that ticket and those songs that were so powerful, that moved so many.

Undermining the “Yes we can” sentiment, potent vehicle to instill confusion & hopelessness to make people believe that actually “we cannot”; to unconsciously play by the rules of what is said and what we do are opposite leaving us in profound confusion and hypnotized in a way.

It’s a way to take away the power if we’re not aware of the game on our mind: the Yes We Can video as a case in point. What beautiful words and sentiments. And the sentiments are true and possible. But we¬†have to be real to move forward. Which means checking ourselves, our assumptions, and asking what is real? what is true?

What answers come to you as you watch this video years later?


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