Madison: Homeless

The purpose of this section is to increase awareness about homelessness in Madison, WI — what we as a community are doing. In November 2010, I suspected a person(s) was staying in my garage for shelter during -20°F cold. It suddenly made it very real. I couldn’t imagine living outside in this weather, or the work challenges of day to day living with no bathrooms available, staying under the radar from police and people.

It’s simply wrong for anyone to be living on the streets. It isn’t a grey issue at all, and yet I was at a loss to know what to do to help. It was challenging to find comprehensive information or get a sense of what help is available.

I have spoken with many extraordinary people working on the issue from The Road Home to YWCA, to local ministers and activists in the area. A great number of people make phenomenal contributions and changes. Yet mainstream awareness of the issues is very low. Homelessness in Madison is a box, a category for many, not real people in real need. A wonderful photo essay of people living on the street by Glenn H. Austin.

Some shocking facts to me are more families and children homeless than other groups. 1,400 families were served in 2009. Many of whom do not even have cars to protect themselves from the cold. We have enough shelter space to accommodate men but women and children have been turned away for over a year. What does this say about Madison?

I also discovered on a national scale, that a fast growing hate-crime is against homeless people, from rape to physical abuse.

To me all of this points that we here very much have Untouchables–people who are without rights and without proper support to have truly basic needs met. This needs to generic viagra tadalafil levitra comparison change. I am not sure how or who but I think it starts with us and being better informed. Making the invisible visible and viagra tablets usage allowing solutions to emerge.