Our differences need to bring us together.

I remember back in college when “politically correct” was gaining traction in a new way, we had a campus-wide meeting where¬†all these various groups angry (understandably) voiced how they were being persecuted (people who were gay, African American, and women). It was good that there was recognition of each group, but yet it was terrible as we never got to unification. And in fact¬†increased anger and pain based in measuring who was more persecuted, who had suffered more, as if it earned a badge. And in the end, for that conversation, and in that year, it brought splintering and division.

The step we need to get to is coming together. Not pretending to be the same, for we are not, but coming together in truth and seeing clearly how we are different and how we are the same. The gloriousness of who each of us is, and as Mr. Rogers, great teacher that he was, said, We are all special just like everyone else.


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