Jesus & Judas

Thinking about the role of “ostracized” in our culture, the “them” who are the bad ones, the enemy, the untouchables, in conjunction with ebola, a global stigma. Reflecting about the lack of justice innate in human communities, how those who win or suffer less from human issues often do so riding on the backs of others, of serving the self first, often unwittingly. What a strange world we live in with so much suffering and so much disconnection.

This was spurred on by seeing that Spain has a number of ebola cases that did not originate in Africa, the first I believe. And thinking about resources and something this deadly/horrific, and how quickly people would turn away from helping, how quickly clean hospitals might be hard to find even with first world resources.

And saw an article of photos of gaza before and after. and how it’s true the abused becomes the abuser. it’s part of the normal humandynamic. but something for the most part we cannot see or look at. either a person/group is a victim or is not, and forever more it shall be.

drives me nuts when people who have been hurt use that as a means to abuse others. drives me effin apeshit when people and the stories support the abuse bec we see the abuser as the victim, carte blanche for whatever behavior, it is too simply or too wongly. when we cannot entertain a notion the shadow is created, the space is created for the monsters to live under the bed.
once in a vision w/jesus, he said to me that we are all jesus and we are all judas. quite literally. and this is part of the key to see everyone as family, to understand and have empathy and kinship and reduce the “other” back to the self. wrong is committed. but it is not the person. it is the act. and yet i get angry at people. this is a big lesson that will take a life time or more to learn.

the inherent pattern is in our culture itself to have the other. there is nowhere the other/the enemy doesn’t exist in our american society, our particular collective. and adopting this pattern prevents us from examining ourselves which is where true change occurs. if it’s always the other, then we can bitch until the ends of time.  

i’m not saying other people aren’t true assholes, just this particular story in our culture and its impact. checking ourselves so we know our values not label groups. it’s like how we have a weak candidate for gov’. We know who we don’t want, we know we hate walker, but we are less sure of what we do want, what values we all agree on for a viable beneficial governor for our state.


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