Ho Ho Hos and what they meant for us

Yesterday Will and I went out to six families to give them gifts from the community as part of Santas without Chimneys. I felt weird initially wearing a santa hat. I hate christmas Santastypically. And then I realized we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to be what christmas really is about. Unconditional love and joy.

And boy love is magic. All the gifts, the work of 100 volunteers, 1000s of toys and hours, all the santa suits and ho ho hos, came unconditionally with no expectation. And everyone received, the givers and the receivers. Unlike a gift or money that can only go so far to so many people, love propagates on itself. It’s very magical. 

One family immediately had children bouncing up and down going “What?! Santa is real!? Santa is real!” They wanted to know if we had a sleigh or not. I said we’d modernized as we had a car (a little bit of disappointment) but added”it is red of course”. They smiled then seeing that as acceptable. 

The best part though was the adults. A 23-25 year old guy, friend of the family, was so impressed and touched and couldn’t believe someone would take the time. He said that over and over.

And then the moms. That was the most touching — the gratitude from the heart, as if they said: thank you so much for making christmas special for my babies, i didn’t know if it would happen. Which as a mom made me cry.

So much love to you and yours. The preciousness we each carry with attention and time can shift so much. Help so many. It’s limitless.

Merry Christmas everyone. There is so much to be grateful in these times of great change. So much love.


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