Forward Together*

National Moment of Silence: Ferguson Vigil Madison Aug 14, 2014

i was really happy last night. i know some might have felt it inappropriate. and maybe it was. i just felt his tremendous relief of the pressure of hiding what is. we have to bring truths out into the light, it will heal all of us and bring us together. we have to have uncomfortable conversations. we have to figure out what’s really going on, and talk to each other.¬†

one of the white people last¬†night expressed concern and prayer for the officer who shot Michael Brown. I was with her. And she went on a bit more about the “poor, poor police officer.” a bit later another white woman got up and called that prayer out — that this was about race and a black man being killed for the color of his skin, that isn’t about us (white people) for once, and that white people need to stop talking and just listen. And I was really uncomfortable because she was right too. I still believe the police officer is part of the circle as it were, but how easy it is to demonize, but taking time last night for that was totally inappropriate now to me. I didn’t see that until being told. And that’s ok.

at the second vigil a young african american woman talked about how it wasn’t just about race, that everyone is becoming a target with these weapons. that the history of african americans is causing more divisiveness which helps the enemy, that we all have to come together. An older african american man disagreed speaking of how we need to know the history to know how we got here to fix it. it was really powerful to witness them disagree, and to see truth in both sides. i feel in my heart that both are true but to make real progress we do need to move forward together as Greg’s sign said, and Worley Dervish‘s song sings.

what does it look like moving forward together?

i don’t think we can answer that yet. we have to listen and talk to each other first. be willing to feel uncomfortable.

i know i have learned, mostly from my people living on the streets, that we live in a very unjust society where rights apply to a select few (those with money).

as a person in privilege with money, i was ignorant and believing what i had been told on what america was about. Ignorant not by choice but circumstance. And now I have the privilege, no greater one exists in someways, to turn away and choose to not look.




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