Forest of Illusion

As human beings we are programmed. This may be the most important thing for us to realize to help us move forward.

Becoming aware that what we see on a daily basis and what we hear is just as important as the food we eat for our health.

Media controlled by the few can be highly effective way to program mass numbers of people as long as they are not aware. An inquisitive mind aware of this can help shift that and commitment to follow what is real with no attachment to beliefs or outcomes, just the holy light of truth to lead the way.

We have the ability to deprogram or consciously program ourselves as we become self-aware and deliberately entertain ideas that we may not agree with (as Artistotle said was a mark of an educated mind) and to be open to the notion we may not have any real (as of yet) to what is really going on, open to the truth that each of us has blind spots preventing us from seeing truly.

Our blind spots are gifts and to me include the predisposition to blame the “Them” the “Other” as the “bad guys” as if it really were that simple. This is part of white American programming rooted in cartoons and stories and television shows that repeatedly tell this story as if it were real, as if we always of course are the good guy and the other as wrong. The “other” being at fault keeps us trapped from moving forward, keeps us trapped in the hall of mirrors where we are really just looking at ourselves and no other really exists.

Genuine questioning is such a valuable pursuit with no instantaneous answers but maybe the only way to move forward in the forest of illusion.


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