Etiquette & Humane

I ask how being polite affects your connection to others on a daily basis? 

I am reflecting on differences between being “polite” and real but respectful discussions. In several communities again I am struck with how being “polite” leads to a certain kind of brutality that is much more acceptable than being rude, how curious is that? 

I rem the GOP Sensenbrenner in WI not being offended when someone said he was a liar, but freaking out when the word fuck was used. So odd. It was much worse to swear apparently than accuse him of lying. My values are reversed.

It leads me to think etiquette and being polite has become a tool of the oppressors to keep people asleep and on a profoundly superficial level. We need to (re)learn respectful disagreement and debate, we need to learn for the first time active listening.


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