Conflict as Sacred

love this quote. It is applicable to those of us in Madison trying to bring in positive change as much as it is to those in the middle east. my guides once said that conflict was a sacred and honorable process, the apple of dischord is an alarm of sorts saying things are out of balance and folks are not hear, and the dischord should be honored as a teaching. That we must hear each other, we must pause and attempt to understand the other. 

“There is no silver bullet for ending conflict; meaningful change requires people working at all levels to disrupt the status quo. People-to-people peacebuilding is slow, hard, and messy, but ,more important, it is also necessary.” 

“How to build peace, one teenager at a time” 

I love particularly how we need to “disrupt the status quo.”

We do. We need to change how we do things, be open to change within ourselves, push into new areas unknown to us. Be willing to be uncomfortable. When we are comfortable, we usually are doing what we have done (or at least what we think we have) and do not leave space for an opening of change.

We live in many fires calling and beckoning for us to feed them with hate for the other, to perpetuate what has been. We need to create something new. We have a critical need for active peacemaking and witnessing, of learning/teaching the way thru polarity towards genuine unity.

I read today that Detroit is turning its water off on citizens owing $150, but corporations with much higher delinquent bills are being left alone.

We have to keep our eyes open. We make our own choices, every day at pretty much every second, that reflect who we want to be and how we want to be it, as my profoundly wise and crazy man Will points out to me fairly regularly. It makes a difference how we respond, even if it doesn’t seem to. 


We are capacitors with the ability to blend from spirit the matter, folding energies differently. Anchoring in the earth, pulling from heaven, being here now. Seeing what is. The sacred witness that shifts everything. Changing how we are, who we are. Physics and poetry together. The Observer affecting the observed. Sacred witness. All we have to do is look.




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