Walking with God

http://thewalkerhouse.org/visual-media/ Many folks on the street walk closer to God imo, not that it’s easy. My Will is very much about the same thing — he is extremely friendly and brightens folks days at our local Copps shop–he goes “How’s the day?” in a big booming voice and their faces all […]

Jesus & Judas

Thinking about the role of “ostracized” in our culture, the “them” who are the bad ones, the enemy, the untouchables, in conjunction with ebola, a global stigma. Reflecting about the lack of justice innate in human communities, how those who win or suffer less from human issues often do so […]

Need and circumstance

reflecting on how when the need is greater, the temptation is higher. when you have your needs met and then some, there is no need to steal or loot. it doesn’t mean you are more ethical bec you don’t, it just means you have no need to. one of the reasons i […]