Forest of Illusion

As human beings we are programmed. This may be the most important thing for us to realize to help us move forward. Becoming aware that what we see on a daily basis and what we hear is just as important as the food we eat for our health. Media controlled […]

Strategy of ALEC Etc.

Beautiful story on fb about how a professor engages all the time with his work — free time and paid time, his current project to make the world a better place. It was said how they wished Walker would understand this kind of commitment by teachers and professors, how the engagement […]

Gonzo Box

About Done With The Gonzo Box. It’s a path we all have been on, and sooner or later, we get it. Hopefully not too much later. The Gonzo Box is something where everything in it is Gonzo. Newtonian physics doesn’t apply nor does critical thinking or reasoning. It’s just Gonzo. […]

Water boarding, Us vs Them

I have been very confused by this ice bucket challenge, particularly while #Ferguson is going on. But today someone posted one I liked. i have to ask if the pattern of the beheading Foley by an extreme and rabbid/corrupt group reflects same pattern of the pro-violent outsiders in Ferguson — […]

Privilege and Founding Fathers

This photo is not complicated, reality is. Remembering when a homeless black man shared his anger on me — saying welcome to our world whitey, now that it affects you you care (talking to me and occupy madison as a whole, back in 2011). Thinking about going to the #ferguson vigil filled […]

Waking up

Why should you be concerned?   ALEC sets sights on local gov’t -> Former Israeli Solider talks about Gaza being a lab for making money/weapons for the globe and how US police are coming into Israel to get trained (this includes police in Ferguson.) “this [Israeli’s military in Palestine] is […]

Forward Together*

National Moment of Silence: Ferguson Vigil Madison Aug 14, 2014 i was really happy last night. i know some might have felt it inappropriate. and maybe it was. i just felt his tremendous relief of the pressure of hiding what is. we have to bring truths out into the light, […]

Conflict as Sacred

I love this quote. It is applicable to those of us in Madison trying to bring in positive change as much as it is to those in the middle east. my guides once said that conflict was a sacred and honorable process, the apple of dischord is an alarm of sorts […]

Love and Truth

Love can only blossom when we are honest. Honesty without love creates division. Yin and yang of wholeness.  In these times we need to learn methods of deescalation. Forces everywhere want us to escalate, be afraid, be polarized and not pause enough to see each others’ perspective.