Strategy of ALEC Etc.

Beautiful story on fb about how a professor engages all the time with his work — free time and paid time, his current project to make the world a better place. It was said how they wished Walker would understand this kind of commitment by teachers and professors, how the engagement never ceases. And this was my response which I wanted to capture: 

But I bet Walker (or Koch Brothers/ALEC) understands exactly what’s going on with folks like your husband. He wants to destroy opportunities like E has and creates — it is by design, to destroy engagement, critical reasoning, learning to benefit the who
le, because he wants his people to take it all and ignorant and poor people are far easier to manipulate. He has not nor will ever have any appreciation for people like E. He in fact sees E as a threat and wants to dismantle it.

I share this because I feel like this perspective is frequently missing from discussions on facebook but that the focus is how inane Walker is and it keeps our energy busy from seeing the truth, which is also by design.



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