Monthly Archives: June 2014

Conflict as Sacred

I love this quote. It is applicable to those of us in Madison trying to bring in positive change as much as it is to those in the middle east. my guides once said that conflict was a sacred and honorable process, the apple of dischord is an alarm of sorts […]

Love and Truth

Love can only blossom when we are honest. Honesty without love creates division. Yin and yang of wholeness.  In these times we need to learn methods of deescalation. Forces everywhere want us to escalate, be afraid, be polarized and not pause enough to see each others’ perspective.

Etiquette & Humane

I ask how being polite affects your connection to others on a daily basis? I am reflecting on differences between being “polite” and real but respectful discussions. In several communities again I am struck with how being “polite” leads to a certain kind of brutality that is much more acceptable than […]

Our differences need to bring us together.

I remember back in college when “politically correct” was gaining traction in a new way, we had a campus-wide meeting where all these various groups angry (understandably) voiced how they were being persecuted (people who were gay, African American, and women). It was good that there was recognition of each group, […]

The pentagon is a pill pusher

The pentagon is a pill pusher and needs to be seen as such. They are trying to normalize violence and unrest by giving local communities armored vehicles.  Police departments who passively accept these “gifts” need to realize that they are endorsing violence against our own citizens, that they are saying there […]